Start Menu Receives New File Preview In Windows 11 23H2 Update

With the upcoming Windows 11 23H2 update, not only the file explorer but also the start menu should get a preview function. Microsoft is expanding the “Recommended” area for recently added and most used apps – the first images show the features.

Fresh cell treatment for the “Recommended” items

The display of new or frequently used apps and files in the so-called “Recommended” area of ​​the Start menu is a thorn in the side of many Windows 11 users. There is currently no way to hide their ex-works. Only the restriction to two lines or the extension to more recommendations is possible via the settings (Personalization → Start).

In the course of the Windows 11 22H3 update, Microsoft is trying to make the “Recommended” area (more) meaningful by introducing a new preview function. Similar to the preview for grouped windows in the taskbar, small icons or thumbnails – for example, images – should offer a first view in a larger format via mouse-over.

The new preview feature is currently being tested at least rudimentarily within the Windows 11 Insider Preview in the dev channel. The file explorer is already much more advanced here, which just a few days ago switched from the dev to the more stable beta channel with a similar new “Recommended” area including preview images.

Microsoft thus seems to want to create a new common thread and recognition value for the “Recommended” area, which has come under criticism. It remains to be seen whether this will be accepted by Windows 11 users with the upcoming 23H2 update. For many, an option to disable the feature would be an (even) greater wish at the moment.