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Starbucks to Start Coffee Delivery Service with Alibaba

Starbucks and Alibaba

Starbucks is to join hands with Alibaba Group for delivering coffee, drinks, shakes and baked items in China. Starbucks and Alibaba have collaborated for this joint venture. It would increase the sales in the nation and also would open more job opportunities for the people.

Starbucks Delivery in China is a good initiative for increasing the revenue and profit. Also, Starbucks would be a strong competition for the other coffee makers in China.

Alibaba Group has got a mail delivery system— “”. It would be handling all the logistics and deliveries within China. The announcement was made on Thursday however it was not then confirmed.

Starbucks last week informed that it has plans of starting deliveries of its products with some partner in Shanghai and Beijing.

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Starbucks further said that Alibaba and Starbucks are partnering for a long time, however, this time it is official and confirmed. One representative of Starbucks said that they are always searching for new ways of strengthening their long-term collaboration in China.

Both the companies would be initiating their venture from a high-tech store in Shanghai.

The chief executive of Starbuck—China said that since in recent times many coffee makers have entered the market and they have decided to provide delivery along with huge discount offers, thus there is a significant compromise on the quality, business sustainability and experience.

She further added that the new alliance of Starbucks and Alibaba would ensure that high standards are provided to the customers that they have come to expect in terms of the experience Starbucks provides.

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