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Standing Committee to be Formed for the Problems of Overseas Pakistanis

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The government of Punjab has taken the decision to form a standing committee for the immediate resolution of problems and issues encountered and experienced by the overseas Pakistanis.

The decision came after a high-level meeting was conducted with the Finance Minister of Punjab—Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht.

In the meeting problems, issues and reservations of the overseas Pakistanis were discussed. The suggested standing committee would be solving any problems or whatsoever faced by the overseas Pakistanis on an immediate basis.

The meeting also discussed the formation of some strategy to completely protect the overseas Pakistanis and their properties in Pakistan.

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Presently, the Pakistanis living abroad are concerned regarding the land-grabbing in their absence, especially in the province of Punjab.

The committee also discussed regarding the investment possibilities in the province for the overseas Pakistanis. It pondered on the steps to facilitate and give incentives to the expatriate Pakistanis for investing in the province.

It is important to mention that the PTI-led government give loads of significance to overseas Pakistanis and the solution to their issues and problems. The present government has also committed in its election manifesto to provide all kinds of facilitation to the overseas Pakistanis.

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