Standard Chartered Mobile Face Login

The Mobile Banking services of Standard Chartered have extended to include facial recognition. Now users could access all the services using Standard Chartered Mobile Face Login. Earlier there was fingerprint authentication for the users accessing Standard Chartered services via their mobile phones. The introduction of facial recognition would provide a more secure, simple and easy experience of mobile banking service to the users.

This service could be used anytime and anywhere. A range of mobile banking services could be accessed using the Standard Chartered mobile application.

The process to activate the face login feature of Standard Chartered is super easy. It comprises of four steps.

Step I

The first step is to press the face icon present on the mobile banking login screen.

Step II

The face login service could be activated by logging in via your online banking username and password. The terms and conditions for the feature could also be viewed.

Step III

Once you enter the one-time password (OTP) it would be sent to your registered mobile number through SMS.

Step IV

Once you through the three steps, the setup completes. You could now access your account with a facial recognition.

Mobile banking is a very trendy and handy service introduced by almost all the banks these days. It provides ease and comfort to the users in terms of accessing their accounts without the need for physically going to banks and performing the desired tasks.

With mobile banking, all balances and the transaction history could be viewed at just one platform. Additionally, the app view could also be personalized by changing icons of cards or accounts or loans and nicknames.

Without charges, funds could be transferred to registered local bank accounts. Bills could also be paid via mobile banking.

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