SSGC to Resume CNG Supply to Pumps from Jan 16th

Earlier this week, SSGC cut-off the gas supply to the CNG pumps which will now be resumed by January 16th.

According to a recent statement from the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) all Sindh-based CNG stations to start receiving gas supply from Saturday the 16th.

It is said that the supply will be restored at 8:00 am.

Earlier this week, on January 11, SSGC informed the closure of CNG stations for three days, due to the gas crisis across Pakistan.

It has been estimated that between January 4-20 the gas shortage will boost up as the authorities failed on getting hold of three cargoes of LNG as the bids were received at a fixed price in dollar terms at $12.95 to $15.95 per MMBtu.

According to information, Sindh’s gas reserves could only offer the supply for a period of 12 years and no more. Similar is that case with the oil reserves which are slowly declining.

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