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SRK A Rare Man, Reham Khan Writes in Autobiography

Reham Khan—the former wife of the cricketer cum turned politician Imran Khan, has stirred a storm with her recently released autobiography. Reham has tattered into her ex-husbands’ lives which also includes the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman—Imran Khan.

Where her book so far appears as only meant for ripping important figures, there is one man that Reham Khan has praised in her four hundred and forty-five-page autobiography.

Back in the year 2008, Reham Khan met with the Bollywood superstar—Shahrukh Khan. She was an employee at that time with a news channel and was left shocked at the friendly and polite attitude of King Khan.

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She has written in her book that she represented a popular personal injury company, and popularised the catchy phrase “Don’t delay, Claim Today”. One of the adverts was aimed at the Indian and Pakistani community and became a hit as she appeared in it alongside Shahrukh Khan.

Reham Khan further wrote that the commercial was shot in 2008 after an event at the Olympia, the London Mela, held by a private Indian channel. She hosted a stage for the stars to meet and greet the fans.

Without any doubt, the Bollywood Khan was the biggest attraction at the event.

The former BBC broadcast journalist wrote that she was impressed by the professional behaviour of King Khan. The man lacks arrogance. She further wrote about Shahrukh Khan that he was an educated, well-brought-up man of a middle-class family, polite, friendly and not one bit of diva he could so have been.

Reham’s autobiography has tangled many celebrity figures in Pakistan, especially her “shocking revelations” regarding Imran Khan.

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