Spotify to get redesigned Library and Playing interface on desktop

Spotify has earned its place among the top streaming platforms over the course of time. Many people can recall the platform from its beginning, as it started on our desktops, and long after that, its mobile app was introduced. Although mobile apps are currently in the spotlight as they keep receiving frequent updates, Other than that, Spotify keeps its web and UI updated. An update that was on hold for a period is now being rolled out with a redesigned library tab and a new playing section.

The primary content browsing area is left undisturbed by the new UI, so how you choose the next playlist to listen to is unaffected. But now the entire window has a three-pane design. A sidebar for your Library is provided on the left, and a sidebar for the music that is presently playing is provided on the right. We first noticed this new UI a few weeks ago when beta testing it, and we couldn’t help but love the rounded corners and enlivening card-style treatment. Spotify, though, describes this as the most significant desktop update in years.

You can now find all the information on the artist who made the song you’re listening to under the Now Playing tab on the right. A brief synopsis of the artist’s biography, tour schedule, and goods are also available. For podcasts, the episode descriptions and transcripts are also visible in the scrollable sidebar.

A big update has also been made to the library tab on the left. To start, you can adjust its width or depth to make it simpler to search through your playlists and locate the right one. The library section’s arrow button in the upper right corner allows you to expand or collapse the tab, and in either case, you can click and drag the sidebar edge to further adjust the size. Rearranging playlists also works by clicking and dragging. You can also drag and drop songs into customizable playlists like the ones you made and put the ones you frequently use at the top of the list.

The library tab’s enlarged state offers an experience that has never been possible before by enabling viewing content in a grid view or a list view. You’ll be glad to know that Spotify for desktop now includes a distinct search function, so you can search within your library exclusively instead of combing through all the songs on Spotify if you frequently use the search feature to find music you gave up on a certain list and forgot about. Using the designated buttons, you may even filter by artists, albums, playlists, and podcasts.

If you’ve been using Spotify on a desktop for a long time, the revamped Library tab is a substantial update. It makes it simpler to listen to the music you like. The rollout of the new experience has begun.