Spotify might introduce music videos to its app

A recent report from Bloomberg suggests that Spotify might soon introduce music videos to its app. Reportedly, the company is in talks with some partners in order to introduce music videos to the platform. Bloomberg’s report didn’t mention the name of the potential partners.

Spotify is the most commonly used music streaming app across the globe. However, the platform doesn’t feature music videos on its app. Previously, the company did work on introducing original series. It worked in close association with media companies like Paramount Global ad Vice Media for offering TV content. However, the plans were not successful back then.

Presently, the platform offers video content for podcasts and short storytelling clips. Artists can use 30-second videos to communicate with their audience. Furthermore, a 10-second GIF is also presented on the screen while listening to the music, but that is not enough.

Spotify is still making an effort with videos

The report by Bloomberg argues that video is a more productive feature as compared to audio. In the music industry, the service providers like Apple Music and YouTube Music already have full-length music videos. On the other hand, TikTok is considering expanding Resso (TikTok’s music streaming service). Similarly, YouTube and TikTok have already invaded the audio as well as video space.

Recently, Spotify introduced the TikTok-like home feed. This feature helps users to find out the music and podcasts. As of now, the company is planning to introduce music videos. In this way, Spotify will emerge as an all-in-one streaming service. It will add a new revenue stream to the company’s business.

The company has not shared the details regarding the public release of this feature. It appears to be in the development phase. Besides this, the company is going to introduce a Hi-Fi streaming tier later in 2023. It is anticipated that the lossless audio quality will be initially introduced in the US in October.