Spotify is recovered after an outage

Spotify and Samsung

On Friday night, many users were unable to listen to and play music on Spotify. People complained that the streaming was stopped suddenly, and most of the users were logged out of their accounts and unable to login again.

The outrage started somewhere before 8 p.m. and has resulted in over 30,000 complaints on, and these complaints are increasing since then. That website is a clone page for the original one that is having an effect on the user, as it is consistent with what we can see. That page is also an important part of Spotify.

The issue was recognised by the official account of the application, and they encouraged their users by telling them that they were trying to solve the issue. Following this tweet, the account reported that things are improving now at 11:19 p.m.

We have never had a huge outrage from Spotify. Although the last one reported was due to a Google Cloud issue, there’s no such outrage that has been reported relating to a larger cloud issue along with a routing issue that could have affected other services as well.

If you’re still having trouble streaming music, you might have to give the aux cord to a friend who doesn’t have a Spotify subscription (you’ll be able to tell them apart because they’re the only ones who didn’t share a Spotify Wrapped image on social media a few weeks ago), or you might have to resort to more traditional methods like downloading MP3s or using physical media.