Spotify Becomes More Expensive: Premium Subscriptions Costs To Increase


Spotify’s new prices were leaked in July – on average, prices rose by around ten percent across the various subscription plans. Until now, Germany was not included in the price round – but that will change immediately.

Price Changes from January

The music streaming provider Spotify has now also published the new prices for German customers and has begun informing its customers about the changes.

These changes basically look the same as in the USA and Co: Spotify Premium now costs 10.99 euros per month instead of the previous 9.99 euros. Spotify Duo is even two euros more expensive, with the monthly price rising from 12.99 to 14.99 euros. The family subscription for up to five members now costs 17.99 euros (three euros more), and the student version increases by one euro to 5.99 euros.

These prices now apply to all new or returnees to one of the premium subscriptions. Existing customers and all users who have just decided on a free trial period still have a little grace period. The prices for these customers will be increased in three months – so the new prices will not be calculated for the first time until the new year.

The most important thing is that existing customers don’t have to accept the new prices and can have themselves downgraded automatically – so you don’t have to take action yourself.

Existing customers do not have to actively cancel if they no longer want to stay with Spotify. The subscription will then automatically be switched to the free, ad-financed subscription.

This is how you can quit

Alternatively, you can cancel the contract yourself. Cancellation is possible at any time via the Spotify website ( ) or in the app via the account settings.

To do this, you have to be logged in and can then use the specially designed cancellation button via the menu item “Your subscription”. Spotify has now published a range of information about the price increase in the support section of the website.

There it says for the automatic downgrade:

“Users who already have Spotify Premium will be notified by email and have a grace period of three months before the new price applies. If they do not agree to the new price, Spotify reserves the right reserves the right to cancel the subscription. If Spotify informs the user of such cancellation, his or her account will automatically be switched to the free, ad-supported service after the cancellation period has expired.”

You can object to the increase and will then automatically be switched to the freemium account.

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