How To Speed Up Your Slow PTCL Internet Connection—Solved

PTCL internet connection

Here is how you can speed up slow ptcl internet, but all this is the maximum you can do about it, when it comes to internet speed PTCL connection has really poor performance, but PTCL connection is cheaper and unlimited as compared to other expensive services, so fixing the problems, and speeding up the internet according to your needs is the best possible solution that you might be looking for, in this article we will guide you how you can speed up your internet connection if you think is working really slow.

There is not a single solution to speed up the internet other than buying a new connection with higher bandwidth and speeds, but these things listed below will definitely impact the overall performance of your connection, speed up your internet and improve its performance.

Let’s start from outdoors to indoors approach…..

1 Check Your Outdoor Connection

PTCL connection unlike fiber optical companies such as; NayaTel, relies on telephone cable to transmit data and voice together which makes it slower than expected, you cannot change this but you can improve this.

You need to make sure that your telephone line is spotless, means it must not have any joints and breakage; secondly, your connection should be coming from the nearest distribution point. If you have joints in your wire or breakage or it is coming from far away then you must change the whole wire.

2 Check Your Indoor Connection

Once you are completely satisfied with your outdoor connection, now you can check you indoor connection. Here you need to check 2 things, one is your broadband splitter, in which your phone line and broadband line inserted together, the other one is your router.

Unfortunately, both the devices that PTCL use, are adulterated; the splitter and the router are of poor quality which is very important in provisioning a good connection. So changing these two things will improve the internet speed and provide stable connection. Especially, if your router and splitter are older, you much change them, buy new router and splitter that are good from the market and install them. PTCL routers especially older ones inherently drop packets during data transmission, also provide poor WIFI signals. Changing the router would definitely help, improving the connection speed and WIFI signals.

3 Watch Your Bandwidth

If you have one connection let’s say 1MB or 2MB and you have connected 3 to 4 devices with it used simultaneously, then don’t blame PTCL, you are sharing the bandwidth among all internet connections which will obviously reduce the speed. If you are using three or more devices connected to one connection then you must upgrade your plan. Buy 4MB data package from PTCL in order to speed up your entire connection.

4 Remove Limitations  

Some people might try to limit the bandwidth for others and control the bandwidth from the admin panel, if they have given out connections, this will impact the overall performance of the connection. Restrictions work really we if you have fiber optic connection, but PTCL connection administration is not much efficient when the administrator tries to control the bandwidth and apply restrictions, the connection attempts to perform the task which sometimes affect the overall connection speed. Do not control bandwidths rather buy an upgraded plan which is sufficient for all.

5 Restart Before Use Or Daily

PTCL connections encounter problems every day before you are going to start using the internet, just restart your router by turning it off for two minutes and turning back on. This refreshes the connection and wipes out any problems encountered during the past few hours. You can also turn-off and on your router on daily basis, it will keep the connection alive all the time.

6 Ethernet Cable

There are many poor quality cables out there, if you are using Ethernet connection then you must also check your Ethernet cable, any damages in the cable would affect the internet speed. Use good quality CAT 5 or CAT 5e cable for stable connection.

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1 thought on “How To Speed Up Your Slow PTCL Internet Connection—Solved

  1. Well, what a f**ked up company! In the beginning PTCL’s dsl was awesome, but now it’s gone to shits. I have 8mbps connection, which I pay for every month, but I get the 8mbps speed only when the whole city sleeps, that is around 2am midnight, until 2pm in the afternoon, and then the shit happens the speed drops to 2mpbs, and then to 1mbps during peak hours (7pm to 12 am).

    I have called the customers service several times, and then I get a call from the exchange from some guy telling me that they have fixed the issue and now everything is okay and that I should press 1. I do that and the issue is never resolved.

    The problem, I think, is that PTCL is making money but not spending it on its equipment. The traffic is increasing and their old messy system/equipment remains the same. I am going to wait for a month to see if the issue gets resolved, if it doesn’t then I am going to get rid of this f**ked up company forever.

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