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Spain Bars Layoffs Over Sick Leave

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On Tuesday, the left-wing of the government has placed a ban on the firms from laying off workers who on a repeated basis take sick leaves, in its first reform of a contested 2012 transformation of the labour laws of the country.

The Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz told a news conference after a weekly meeting of the cabinet that they are sending a message to their society that from now onwards, nobody would be fired who has got a genuine reason for taking sick leave.

She also said that with this decision they would be amending an anomaly that has differentiated their nation from the ones around them.

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According to an article of 2012, the reform of labour laws of Spain conducted by the earlier government made it simpler to layoff a worker on the grounds of repeated absences for bad health, even when an employee produced medical certificates as evidence to justify his absence.

Earlier, it has been possible to expel a worker who missed a week or more of work over a 2-month span if the average number of the sick days taken in the previous 12 months reached 5 per cent of the total.

The reform of 2012 brought down the bar to 2.5 per cent.

In a bid to curb the down sky-high unemployment at the times of economic downturn of Spain, the labour law reform made it simpler and less expensive to lay off the workers, and also limited the authority of labour unions to make negotiations on the contracts over the complete industrial sectors.

As per a recent report of the IMF, the reform had improved the employment performance in Spain but critics blame it for a decrease in job security. Spain is more dependent on the temporary contracts than any other European Union nation, as per the figures of Eurostat.

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