South Korea taking steps to push the local tech industry forward

Samsung is considered the top manufacturer of semiconductor chips. The South Korean conglomerate has spread its business internationally. Besides Samsung, SK Hynix is another Korean company associated with the chip business. The government intends to benefit from both companies and improve the local tech industry. Even the government is offering incentives and tax advantages to companies that come forward with big investments.

Government strategies to push the local tech industry

To increase domestic manufacturing of memory and non-memory chips, screens, and batteries, the South Korean government earlier today unveiled a KRW 550 trillion (about $417 billion) private-sector investment plan. Also, over the next five years, the government would spend KRW 25 trillion on research and development in strategic technologies including artificial intelligence (AI).

The development of semiconductor packing technologies will receive a separate KRW 360 billion ($270 million). Last but not least, South Korea has proposed a budget for energy and water infrastructure for industrial complexes this year of approximately KRW 100 billion ($75 million).

“The economic battleground, which started with chips recently, has expanded. Countries are offering substantial tax breaks and subsidies, according to South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol. To ensure continued prosperity, “[we] must promote private investments… The government is required to supply the facility, R&D, labor, and tax incentives.

The tax deduction rate for “facility investments in chips and other strategic technology” was proposed to be increased in January. According to reports, South Korea wants to increase the tax deduction rate for large firms from 8% to 15%.

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