South Korea sets the target for introducing 6G network service

5G network services have been introduced. Various regions in the world have adopted the latest technology. Yesterday, South Korea’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology declared that the commercial 6G network service will be introduced in 2028. The astonishing factor associated with this recent declaration is that it will be introduced two years earlier in contrast to the original estimated timeframe. It seems like South Korea is all set to conquer the rest of the world in this respective field. Since it was previously the first region that tested a commercial 5G network. At that time, Samsung extended its support by introducing it with the Galaxy S10 5G.

South Korea intends to introduce its own 6G network service. It will utilize world-class tech as well as advanced software. In this way, the supply chains of the network will be empowered and strengthened. For doing so, the government plans to extend its support to local companies for producing materials and components so that the 6G network could be installed as early as possible.

The major emphasis is put on the supply chain. Since the project is estimated to cost around 625.3 billion won (approx. $482.1 million). South Korea is among the largest economies in Asia. Reportedly, it holds 25.9% of 5G patents in 2022 besides China which accounts for 26.8% of 5G patents. One thing to mention here is that the 4G tech development was mostly led by US and European companies.

With its recent strategies and planning for 6G network technology, South Korea intends to outcompete other countries. Besides this, the government plans to increase its percentage of 6G patents to 30% or even higher. Based on these strategies, South Korea will lead the international competition for the latest network infrastructure to meet potential demands. For sure, Samsung will extend its support for this project by introducing dedicated devices ahead of the 6G network’s arrival.