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South Asia’s First Remote-Controlled Cranes Arrive in Pakistan

Pakistan has become the first country in South Asian region to install new remote-controlled, cabin-less, semi-automate quay cranes. In order to start the second phase of the terminal in Karachi, Hutchison Ports Pakistan received the three remote-controlled cranes.

The first deep-water container port of Pakistan received the first installment of these cranes.

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An agreement was signed with Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co. Ltd, China (ZPMC) to purchase 8 cabin-less remote-controlled quay cranes and 24 gantry cranes that are remote-controlled rubber-tired. This will be the first of its kind equipment in Pakistan.

Furthermore, Hutchison Ports Pakistan has become the first container terminal in the country that is using the remote-controlled, semi-automatic and driver-less cab technology for the cranes. These new cranes would have the ability to lift up to 65 tons remote-controlled quay cranes.

General Manager & Head of Business Unit, Hutchison Ports Pakistan Captain Syed Rashid Jamil said, “This is a historic day for Hutchison Ports Pakistan. With the arrival of three new cranes, we have affirmed our commitment to Pakistan’s trade and economy and we shall continue doing so in the future. The addition of these cranes will significantly increase our container-handling capacity as well as our overall efficiency. We will be able to further enhance the speed of our operations, directly and indirectly benefitting our customers immensely.”

It is expected that the new cranes will be deployed in 4 days’ time.  The terminal after the installation would have 11 remote-controlled quay cranes that will enhance the efficiency of the operations. The rest of the 5 cranes will arrive at the Karachi Port till 2021.