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Sonya Hussain Replaces Faryal Mehmood in the Movie About Lockdown

Sonya Hussain Replaces Faryal Mehmood

Sonya Hussain replaces Faryal Mehmood in the movie about the lockdown. This movie was initially planned to be starred with Gohar Rasheed and Faryal Mehmood.

But, the director Abu Aleha has indicated that there has been a change in the female actor of the movie.

The filmmaker mentioned that via mutual understanding, Faryal Mehmood has left the project.

The director said that they had confirmed Faryal for the project and even had her sign the agreement. However, as time elapsed this character became so tough that there was a need for workshops, and owing to Faryal’s personal issues like health and marriage, she could not provide us with the time that is demanded of this role.

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He also said that they have commitments planned in the future to the OTT platforms that require them to have these shoots done at specific time slots and ways as they cannot postpone.

Faryal on the matter shared her perspectives and said that she backed out as she was under the weather and that the shoot is really tough and the dates were not flexible at all.

As per Abu Aleha, they have now signed Sonya Hussain and it has been confirmed officially.

The movie Lockdown now stars Gohar Rasheed and Sonya Hussain. The theme of the movie revolves around how a couple gets affected by the horrors of the coronavirus and the consequences of lockdown.

No release date has been announced for the film yet however the movie is intended to be released on the streaming sites like Amazon or Netflix.

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