Sony LinkBuds True Bass Headphones With Hole Design


With the so-called LinkBuds WF-L900, the Japanese electronics group Sony wants to present Bluetooth headphones again that come with a completely new design. The Sony LinkBuds simply have a hole in the center of their speaker.

With the LinkBuds, Sony speaks of a small technological marvel in the mini format, in which the protective cover of the speaker membrane is integrated directly into the housing. What’s special is that the loudspeaker is designed in the shape of a ring, so that the center of the diaphragm is open and all ambient sounds can penetrate into the ear of the user.

Hole provides an open wearing comfort

The Sony LinkBuds should give the wearer the feeling that the ear is almost completely open and that all sounds can continue in traffic or during conversations. Conversations are no problem, while the music continues to play in the background, as it were. According to Sony, the ring driver has a diameter of 12 millimeters and a diaphragm with high flexibility, so that the small speaker delivers a balanced sound with a rich sound and is well suited for music with a lot of bass.

The LinkBuds have Sony’s proprietary V1 processor, which offers optimal sound with low distortion and a high degree of detail fidelity. The headphones utilize the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) to deliver the most faithful sound possible, even with compressed file formats. They also have a volume control that increases or decreases the volume based on the environment. There are also features such as voice pickup technology and noise cancellation for phone calls, which, thanks to AI models, aim to ensure clear voice reproduction without background noise. It is operated via a special touch system, whereby the headphones themselves do not have to be touched. Instead, the user taps the front of the ear to operate the LinkBuds, they say. The Sony LinkBuds each weigh just four grams and are IPX4 certified and therefore splash-proof.

They are optimized for use with Alexa or Google Assistant and support Google Fast Pair, Multi-Pairing, and HD Voice, among others. The integrated rechargeable batteries should provide a runtime of up to 5.5 hours for pure music playback. The charging case also includes an additional battery that provides up to 12 hours of additional usage time on a single charge. Sony wants to set a price of just under 200 euros for the new LinkBuds with open ring driver and will soon launch the headphones in white and gray.