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Sonam Kapoor’s Husband add wife’s name in his surname – Anand S Ahuja

Bollywood superstar Sonam Kapoor recently married Anand Ahuja and changed her name to SonamK Ahuja. Now her husband Anand Ahuja has also changed his name to ‘Anand S Ahuja’, S presumed to be for Sonam.

Sonam’s New Name

Anand’s new name



After Sonam changed her name, there was a lot of controversies created on social media. People said that she talks about feminism and women empowerment yet she has added her husband’s name to her name.

Sonam to all the critics responded and said, “It’s a choice, at the end of the day. If people don’t understand the concept of feminism, they need to go online and look at the description. And how do you know Anand has not changed his name? I am a true feminist and I believe in choice. Nobody told me to change my name after marriage. I decided to do it by myself. The whole idea of feminism is to have equal opportunity and choice to do what I want to do. That choice should be mine.”

Adding,  “Kapoor is my family name, so is Ahuja. I am a part of that family too, so I chose to keep both the names. In fact, Anand has also changed his name and nobody noticed that. It is my personal choice.”

She continued saying, “Taking your father’s name as the last name is a practice. That is how you show respect to your father. You can give the same respect to your husband using his name as the last name. It is the same thing. It is a cyclical thing. One can break it and give their child a new surname but it takes a lot of effort. It is a complicated discussion, but at this point in time, this is my choice.”