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Son Killed Parents to Marry His Facebook Girlfriend

The only son of his parents—killed them with the assistance of his two partners in the region of south—Delhi to get hold of their property and to marry his Facebook girlfriend. After the incident, he and his assistant were arrested, as informed by the police on Tuesday.

Abdul Rehman—a resident of Jamia Nagar, along with Nadeem Khan aged thirty-two of the west Delhi’s Nangloi were arrested on Monday after Rehman broke down during his interrogation session and confessed of his committed crime. Nadeem was arrested later.

One other person—Guddu who has assisted in committing this terrible act is still at large.

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Rehman brought in Nadeem and Guddu with a promise of two and a half lacs for murdering his father—Shamim a fifty years old man and his mother—Taslim Bano in Jamia Nagar.

Chinmoy Biswal—the Deputy Commissioner of Police said that while interrogating, Rehman he informed police that he is already married and was an employee at a call centre but left that in 2016 owing to drug addiction. He then met a girl on the social networking site—Facebook, who was living in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur.

Biswal said that Rehman wanted to marry that girl, but his parents objected and advised him to focus on his wife instead. As he was the only son, so he decided to kill his parents to acquire both their property and jewellery.

Police informed that Rehman along with Nadeem and Guddu suffocated Taslim Bano and Shamim on the 28th of April while they were sleeping in their house.

After Nadeem and Guddu escaped from the crime site, Rehman somehow managed to lock the door from inside and later invented a story that his parents were killed by robbers, as informed by the police officer.

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