Some clues about the design of HONOR 100 series

HONOR is all set to introduce two new smartphones under the HONOR 100 series. As of now, we have received some information regarding the design and launch date of the upcoming series. The HONOR 100 series comprises of HONOR 100 and HONOR 100 Pro.

Design details of the HONOR 100 series

The design of the new smartphones was unveiled via images and a teaser video. Notably, both smartphones have different camera modules that make them easy to differentiate. The HONOR 100 accompanies a half-circle camera module that resides in a rectangle-shaped frame. On the other hand, the HONOR 100 Pro features an oval camera island.

Two cameras can be found on the HONOR 100, whereas the HONOR 100 Pro features three back cameras. The HONOR 100 blends glass and vegan leather, but the vanilla variant appears to have glass on the back. There appears to be vegan leather on one part of the back and glass plating on the other.

The HONOR 100 Pro looks truly interesting

Comparatively, the HONOR 100 Pro is unique with a bold design. We have already observed products with unique and bold designs from HONOR in the past, like the HONOR V Purse. Reportedly, the company states that the new series will be official on November 23.

The new series will debut in China first. There are pretty good chances that the new series will make its way to the global market in the future. If past generations are any indication, then at least one of the two will make its way to international users. Although the specifications are yet unknown, these two—especially the “Pro” model—will probably be strong mid-range devices.

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