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Solar Eclipse On Thursday Will Be Observed In Pakistan

The last Solar Eclipse of 2019 will be observed across various continents including Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa on Thursday.

The Partial Solar Eclipse according to the details, will also be observed in Pakistan, the major countries that will observe a ring of fire during the solar eclipse include India, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and some parts of Australia.   

The view in Islamabad and Pakistan would be something similar to the image below according to

The solar eclipse will start at 07:50 am on Thursday and remain there until 10:16 am the total eclipse or full totality will reach at 08:58 am. You would be able to see exactly half of the sun by 08:58 am on Thursday. After this time the eclipse will gradually disappear which will take another hour to do so.

The Institute of Space and Planetary Astrophysics (ISPA) and the University of Karachi has made elaborate arrangement to observe the annular solar eclipse at the astronomical observatory on Thursday said, prof. Dr. Muhammad Javed Iqbal on Monday. The last solar eclipse happened in July 2018 and which was observed in Pakistan and several other countries including Europe and North America, it was the second solar eclipse of that year because the first solar eclipse of 2018 happened on January 31.

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