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Solar Eclipse happening today in Pakistan, Europe and North America

We have seen solar eclipse last year in mid-August, it was observed in several countries especially North America, Twitter went live to cover the solar eclipse where people could see the actual eclipse live on Twitter.

However, the first solar eclipse of the year happened on January 31, just after a few months, this is happening second time again, the new solar eclipse will occur in several countries including Pakistan.

According to astronomers, the eclipse is expected to begin at 1:48 pm PST, the total solar eclipse will reach at maximum by 3:01 pm and it will end completely by 4:13 pm.

Several countries of Europe, North America, and Asia can clearly see the eclipse including Pakistan, India, Canada, United States and European countries. According to experts, people should not see the eclipse with naked eyes, it could harm their eyes as the sun rays coming out of the eclipse are injurious to eye health.

But you can see the eclipse with protection such as using X-rays plastic in front of eyes or dark sunglasses.

Solar eclipse happen when the moon comes in between Sun and earth and blocks the sunlight coming to the earth, the total solar eclipse occurs when the moon is aligned perfectly in front of the sun, as moon’s diameter is smaller than sun you can see the complete dark moon in front of the sun covering it in the middle.

According to researchers solar eclipse and other eclipses are important for them because it allows them to reach and study the outer realm of the sun known as Corona. Studying more about Sun, and solar rays emerging from it can help protect astronauts in space and electrical grids on Earth as well.

Experts have advised using proper equipment to see the solar eclipse, special dark glasses because the flares coming out of the sun at that time can burn eye’s retina which could lead to permanent or long-term visual impairment.