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Solar Eclipse Begins in Pakistan

solar eclipse

As per the reports of local media on Sunday, the yearly solar eclipse famously known as the ring of fire has started in Pakistan.

Annual eclipses start when moon while passing between the sun and the earth is not quite close enough to Earth for completely stopping sunlight, thus leaving a thin ring of the solar disc visible.

The eclipse after every year or two could only be seen from a thin pathway across the planet.

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As per the met office, the solar eclipse would be visible in the southern parts of Pakistan as well as in the parts of Africa which includes the Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Congo and in the northern parts of India and China

The Solar Eclipse started at 09:26 am PST and would conclude at 12:46 pm. Nearly at 10:59 am, the moon would entirely eclipse the sun.

The Meteorological department informed, that the eclipse would be completely visible in Karachi on the 21st of June.

The ophthalmologists have described the eclipse of 21st June hazardous for the human eye as it would release ultraviolet rays that could damage the vision of the human eye.

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