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Social Media Trolls Upsets Ertugrul Actress Hande Subasi


Turkish actress Hande Subasi, also known for playing the role of Aykiz, the Kayi tribeswoman fromErtugrul is not happy with the criticism she is received from her Pakistani fans for the things she does in her private life. 

In an interview, the Turkish actress was asked whether she felt upset at being criticized for posting pictures that her Pakistani fans find too indecent, the actress agreed it was a sensitive issue, adding that she knew fans usually associate the stars with the characters they play on-screen. 

According to her, my job was only to do my professional best and to give life to Aykiz. This does not make me Aykiz, I’m Hande. I really appreciate the respect of my fans but I’m not happy about being criticized and getting negative comments about things that I do in my personal life.

The reports say, though, the actress had kind words to say about Pakistan and said she was inquisitive about the country’s culture. Subasi exclaimed that it would be a pleasure to visit Pakistan. she would be happy to see herself being recognized and appreciated in another country. 

From the first episode of Ertugrul, the character of Aykiz is in love with Turgut Alps, one of the key warriors in Ertugrul’s support and debatably the most closely to him. 

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