Social Media, A Platform To Promote Yourself And Judge Others

I want to be famous but first I need to push that specific person down. By criticizing this certain post, idea or picture I am not judging the other person, I am just telling the world that I have strong opinions and I am not afraid to voice them. By abusing, using hate speech, and condemning an individual or a group, I am clearly telling how much better I am than you are.

Isn’t it ironical that we use social media to tell others how wrong or unethical a deed they have committed, but forget that by spreading hatred around, we are defining our own selves, not others?

We use the social media platform to post pictures, videos or thoughts, all portraying the best image of our self. Yet we never fail to miss an opportunity where we can degrade others and show the world how fake they are.

Let’s pause for a second.

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Think, how fake are you? Does your Facebook profile, or WhatsApp statuses, snapchat stories and Instagram pictures define you? The perfect image of yourself you try to create on social media, are you really that person? Or that person is a reflection of the perfect imaginary being, you want to be?

It’s sad that my mistake comes with thousand excuses, while your mistake makes me at liberty to judge you in thousand different ways.

Be it the famous Islamic scholar Nouman Ali Khan or the popular celebrity Mahira Khan, let us judge our own self and our own sins. Let us not worship idols to feel disappointed in the end. Let us accept the devils that lie within us, let us fight to become a better version of our previous self and let us admit for once that in order to hide our own complexes we find comfort in exposing other individuals weaknesses.

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