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Social Media Outrage as No Electricity in Pakistan

People have expressed anger & frustration on social media as there is no electricity in many cities of Pakistan. 

Most of Pakistan is in darkness today due to a sudden breakdown of the power plant at Tarbela dam. Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) are the two provinces that have been most affected by the power outage. Cities including Lahore, Bahawalpur, and Multan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sawat and Lakki Marwat are suffering the most.

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Here is what people are saying on social media.

“Exactly similar breakdown in Karachi K electric….now in Tarbela and transmission lines too… I have feeling this is not a technical fault but subversion by agents of NS placed in every department.. Power breakdown in Ramazan is a sure way to create anarchy, riots as NS want now.”

As received. 75% of pakistan got black out.. Main national grid shutdown at the point of Tarbela. CPPA and NTDC is trying to fix the problem would take 12 hours in phases.

“Technical breakdown in tarbela . Punjab and kpk completely blind of electricity with no deadline.”

Tarbela power plant breakdown. Teams have reached the power plant but no timeline has been given as to when the repairs are expected to finish.”

“No electricity because the line from Tarbela has tripped, no gas because the BRT constructors have damages the gas pipe-line.”

“Tarbela Tripped No electricity in twin city.”

Tarbela and all four Chashma Nuclear power plants have tripped Extensive Load Shedding”

“Complete power failure in it’s expected to take lots of time to restore. So plan accordingly. Reports coming in of Nationwide power failure. Tarbela power plant breakdown: Punjab, KP without electricity ISLAMABAD: A technical fault”

The work has started to resolve the issue but no time limit is given. If the fault is minor it might be resolved in a few hours but it can take days as well.

We can just hope and pray that the issue gets resolved quickly.