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Social Media Erupts: An Indian School’s Science Textbook Portray Mosque As A Source Of Noise Pollution

There has been massive outrage on social media as a picture in a textbook of an India school portrays Mosque as source of noise pollution.

The textbook is of grade 6 and it is published by Selina Publishers. The book has a full chapter on noise pollution in which mosque is being used to depict noise pollution.

Social media users used internet to demand an apology from the publishers responsible and also demand them to remove the picture from editions that would follow. Other than the mosque the picture shows a car, plane, and train with a man scowling and shutting his ears. Adding a mosque is quite outrageous. Also officially an online petition is launched demanding the book to be withdrawn.

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Hemant Gupta the publisher has come up with a statement saying that they will remove the picture in their upcoming editions of the book. Furthermore the publisher said that the diagram on page 202 of Integrated  Science is actually of a structure that is similar to part of a fort and other noise creating objects in a noisy city. Gupta apologized if anyone’s emotions are hurt. Chief executive of Indian School Certificate Examinations, Gerry Arathoon said that if any offensive content is being published and taught to students, schools and publishers are to be blamed.

Also there was a controversy recently as well when Sonu Nigam tweeted on sound of Azaan. These things need to be controlled and effective measures should be taken to ensure that sentiments of all community members are safeguarded.

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