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Social Distancing Measures Indicate Hajj 2020 Might be The Safest Hajj Ever

Hajj 2020

Despite the fact that the world has been taken in by the contagious coronavirus, the annual Hajj pilgrimage is taking place by incorporating all the safety protocols and social distancing measures indicating that Hajj 2020 might be the safest one ever.

In the past years, the pilgrims of Hajj have experienced viral illness, with some of them falling sick, however, a series of measures are in place for the relatively smaller number of pilgrims allowed to attend the holy pilgrimage this year.

Usually, Hajj is attended by more than 2 million Muslims all across the world who combine together in the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia for one of the biggest annual gatherings of the world. This large gathering poses both logistical and health-related challenges.

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During the past pilgrimages, the pilgrims going back home have developed respiratory diseases after mingling with the large crowds and by staying in the pilgrim camps where social distancing is not at all possible.

However, this year for the first time ever in the history of the world, Saudi officials have majorly restricted the number of pilgrims permitted to take part and have imposed strict new health protocols.

Only 10,000 Muslims who all are the residents of the Kingdom are being permitted to perform the Hajj, which makes only 0.4 percent of the last year’s 2.5 million attendees from across the world.

Despite the corona epidemic, many pilgrims have said that they felt safer to join a limited number of pilgrims for the Hajj as the risk of both the infection and logistical upsets was limited.

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