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Snowfall Closes Eiffel Tower as Winter Hits France

Tourists have been shunned away on Tuesday from the Eiffel Tower because of snowfall, which swept the Northern France, leading to a traffic chaos in Paris as the first dose of Winter season hits FranceSnowfall closes the Eiffel tower—the biggest tourist attraction.

The Meteo France weather service has alerted the major Paris region about snowfall and black ice on roads until the midday Wednesday.

Major hold-up situation has been created throughout the city because of the wintry blast of the season, with above seven hundred kilometres (that is four hundred and thirty miles) of traffic jams recorded around the local time of 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, as informed by the Sytadin—a local information service.

According to the RATP transportation authority, the bus services of the city were annulled on Tuesday, and even the school transport would not be functional in some areas on Wednesday.

As per the Meteo France department, the snowfall is expected to get more intense overnight Wednesday, with the temperature falling as low as minus ten degrees Celsius.

On Monday, snow has already dusted on Paris before melting.

Sebastien Leas—the forecaster informed that this would be the first spell of the wintry weather of the season, with chilly air from the Scandinavia merging with the perturbation emerging up from the South.

The train service was even discontinued throughout most of northern France. The rail operator SNCF had to decrease the train speed on many of the high-speed TGV lines.

France’s territorial cohesion ministry informed that many emergency accommodations have been set up to provide safeguard and shelter to the homeless people.

The police have advised the locals to limit their road trips and heavy traffic weighing more than 7.5 tons are instructed by the police to bypass the area.

The water levels of the Seine River have also risen to more than four meters above its normal levels as it flows through Paris. This present weather condition is like a sharp swift from the weeks earlier mild and rainy weather throughout France resulting in flooding and raising the water levels of the Seine River.

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