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SNGPL Introduces Gas-Saving Devices To Cut your Bill by Half

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Gas-saving devices have been launched for the winter season by the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL). It will ensure that your gas bill is cut to half. The aim of these smart devices is to make sure that the gas is supplied to the consumers in the winters without interruption.

The introduction of these smart devices is part of the company’s plans to ensure the uninterrupted supply of natural gas to consumers throughout the winters.

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The government recently announced that gas load shedding will not be done in the winter season. Gadgets, ‘conical baffle’, ‘geyser timer device’ and a ‘solar water heater’ have been introduced by SNGPL that would control the bills and also save the natural gas during a critical time.

The device, Geyser Timer Device will be installed in the gas geysers. This device can be operated via a smartphone. A timer can be set through the phone and after a set time automatically the geyser will go down

Then another device, Conical Baffle can also be installed in gas geysers that control the natural gas wastage.

Another way gas wastage can be controlled is through solar water heater which is gas-saving.

Those who want to cut their bill should call 1199 or 042-99204581. This is the SNGPL helpline.

Furthermore, you can message info and send it to 0332-4317776.