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SNGPL and SSGC Likely to Face Gas Shortage this Winter

SNGPL and SSGC likely to face gas shortage this winter, SNGPL is expected to face a shortfall of 370mmcfd while SSGC is already facing a shortage.

Gas Shortage in Pakistan

SNGPL has communicated a shortfall of 370mmcfd, while SSGC is already facing a shortfall. The gas shortage this winter is expected to go up to 250mmcfd.

In the previous month, the gas supply at SSGC was 993mmcfd against 1,109mmcfd in the same month of 2019.

Both companies are undertaking efforts to ensure smooth gas supply to all categories of consumers on their network, especially to high-priority domestic consumers.

In SNGPL’s network enhanced demand of the high-priority domestic sector is met through the diversion of RLNG to domestic consumers,

Official report from SNGPL

During the peak season i.e. December-January, some sectors might even face a complete cutoff.

Earlier, the government was planning to increase the LNG import to meet the natural gas shortages.

If new reserves are not discovered, the gas sector will become a problem for the people and the business community eroding their competitiveness.

The report also informed that the gas sector circular debt has jumped to Rs250 billion due to lack of reforms, inbuilt inefficiencies, theft and mismanagement.

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