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Sneakers Created Using Recycled Chewing Gum

Amsterdam has taken a step to keep and maintain its streets from gums rolling out on shoes or sneakers. It has developed such sneakers whose sole are made from recycled gums from the streets.

Nobody in their wildest dreams could have imagined that the very gum that is found stuck on the streets that one avoids from getting it stuck on their shoes would eventually end up being the soles of their shoes.

This new creative initiative is taken by a local shoe label “Explicit Gear” along with the marketing company “Iamsterdam” and substantiality company “Gumdrop” which is responsible for recycling the gum waste.

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The shoes would be available from the month of June and would cost nearly around $232. The sneakers are called “Gumshoe” which are aimed at creating awareness among the people for keeping the city clean.

As per the official website of this newly invented product in the Netherlands, 1.5 million kilograms of gum is found on streets annually, which makes it the second highest litter that is found on the streets after cigarettes.

As per the reports of Fortune, the colour of the sole would not only be resembling the most famous colour of chewing gum that is pink but would also be smelling like one. The sole also features the map of the city.

All the pounds of chewing gum collected from streets could be used in the making of soles of sneakers. Every 2.2 pounds of collected gum could be incorporated for making four pairs of sneakers, as claimed by Gumdrop. The company would travel throughout Amsterdam for collecting the discarded gum.

The creators have the vision of expanding their product to other metropolitan cities for introducing an easy way to keep the streets from causing pollution with the chewing gum waste. The unique shoes are already available online for pre-orders.

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