Snapchat to partner Giphy to add GIFs in the app

Snapchat has recently announced to partner Giphy in order to provide users with GIFs that are clipable and can be added to snaps to create stories and share with friends. Soon after a backlash, Snapchat has made this move, Snapchat has faced strong criticism from the users when it changed its user interface which ought to be quite confusing for many users. We have also posted an article on how to get Snapchat older version in which people had shown much interest because they liked the older version as compared to the new one.

However, Snapchat GIF integration would be recognized among users as it provides more creativity, adorn and life to the stories they share on the platform. Instagram started to integrate GIFs, first of all, users could insert GIFs into Instagram direct messages and Instagram stories, people could also share videos in direct messages.

Now Snapchat is trying to integrate the same functionality Instagram has, nothing seems different, the same vendor Giphy is going to provide GIFs for Snaps, it seems Snapchat is trying to compensate users with this new gimmick who were already frustrated with the new design and interface of the platform.

Snapchat also promises to address the redesign issues, offer new tabs to “Friends and Discover”. However, the new design is rolling out soon on iOS before Android but Snapchat looks dubious at this stage.

Whether this move will be a success for Snapchat or not only the time will tell, but Snapchat has faced fierce criticism over the new interface design in which it merged individual snap conversation with the friend’s individual stories, it created more confusion among users to recognize the most recent conversation with friend while making its poorly curated content more visible.

Opposing this change almost 1.2 million Snapchat users signed petition in order to get the new change reverted and going back to the older interface.