SnapChat Reaches 400 Million Users With 5 Million Paid Subscribers


Snapchat has achieved a significant milestone by crossing 400 million daily active users (DAUs) globally. This remarkable growth showcases the platform’s enduring appeal and ability to engage users worldwide. Alongside this, Snapchat has also reported a substantial increase in its paid subscriber base for its premium service, Snapchat+. Here’s a detailed look into this development:

Milestone of 400 Million Users:

Snapchat continues to cement its place in the social media landscape by crossing 400 million daily active users. This growth reflects the platform’s continuous efforts to provide engaging and innovative features to its users, retaining its position as a popular choice among social media enthusiasts .

Snapchat+ Gains Momentum:

Snapchat’s premium subscription service, Snapchat+, has witnessed a significant uptick in its subscriber base, now boasting over 5 million paid subscribers. Launched over a year ago, Snapchat+ offers exclusive features to its subscribers for a monthly fee of $3.99. The premium service offers users early access to premium features, including an AI-powered selfie tool, which has been particularly appealing to power users. The growth in the subscriber base signifies a successful venture into monetizing the platform’s offerings, adding a new revenue stream for Snap Inc.


The dual achievement of growing its daily active user base and the success of Snapchat+ indicates a positive trajectory for Snap Inc. These milestones highlight the platform’s potential for sustained growth and revenue generation, which is crucial in the competitive social media market.

Future Prospects:

With a growing user base and a successful premium subscription model, Snapchat is well-poised to further innovate and offer new features to both its free and paid users. The continued success of Snapchat+ also opens avenues for exploring additional monetization strategies, which can further bolster Snap Inc’s financial position and market standing.


Snapchat’s achievement of crossing 400 million daily active users and attaining over 5 million paid subscribers for Snapchat+ underscores the platform’s ability to evolve and cater to the diverse needs of its user base. This development is a testament to Snapchat’s enduring appeal and its potential for future growth and innovation.

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