Snapchat might come with a subscription plan


Snapchat is one of the most famous messaging apps, especially among teens. It has several features like Stories, My AI bot, and disappearing messages that keep up the flow of conversations. As of now, we have some evidence that points towards a new feature under testing. According to the APK teardown of the app, there might be a family subscription plan on the way.

The information was revealed by the work-in-progress code. There is a possibility that this feature might not make its way to the public. Notably, Beta v12.61.0.45 of Snapchat points out that there is a “Friends & Family Plan” under testing. It appears to be an extended version of Snapchat Plus. With Snapchat Plus, users can share their subscription plan with others. However, the new plan enables users to add friends as well.

According to the information, there will be a ‘Plan Owner’ who will be able to add or remove members from the plan. Furthermore, there is an indication of an annual plan, although nothing is known about the pricing yet. Presumably, it will be expensive as compared to the individual plan. However, with the ability to share the subscription plan with friends and family, it will be less expensive than individual members buying their own plans.

There are no details on how many members could be included in the Friends & Family Plan. Besides this, there is no information on which features will be eligible for sharing with other participants. The price of the individual subscription plan in the US is $3.99 monthly, $21.99 for six months, and $39.99 for a year. However, the price for Snapchat Plus differs depending on the region.

The company offers several features with Snapchat Plus, like putting your closest buddy at the top of your contact list, providing you with information about who rewatched your stories, offering a free restore on Snapstreaks, priority story responses on Community Stories, and even custom icons. Furthermore, users can even gift 12 months of the plan to non-subscribed friends but gifts are a one-time purchase in contrast to an ongoing subscription. The strings suggest that the Friends & Family Plan may be more akin to a conventional group membership.

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