Snapchat+ crossed 5 million users

Snapchat launched its paid subscription service, known as Snapchat+, last year, and it quickly gained popularity. You can access a ton of unique and entertaining extra features for just $3.99/month. The firm claims that Snapchat+ recently surpassed 5 million users via Engadget.

Here is a brief explanation of Snapchat+, in case you are unfamiliar. Snapchat+ has two functions. First, it’s a platform that enables early testing of new features. A few weeks before it goes public, the business will make new and experimental features available to Snapchat+ subscribers. The Snapchat desktop app and My AI were first introduced on the Plus service. They eventually reach free users after a few weeks.

Second, there are numerous unique premium features that are exclusively accessible to paying users. The Snapchat Solar System, more best friends, the option to name a BFF, custom chat themes, and many other features are among these new features.

Snapchat+ surpassed 5 million users

Only a few months ago, Snapchat declared that it had surpassed 4 million users. It demonstrates how widely used this social media subscription service is. It has a lot more users than X Premium. That service has been around for a while and has just under a million subscribers. We are still unsure about the Meta Verified platform’s user counts.

5 million users is a remarkable figure in any way. Getting people to pay for a service that was initially offered for free is exceedingly difficult. Even if the 750 million monthly users together outweigh the 5 million paid users, it’s still nothing to sniff at.

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