Snapchat content can now be embedded into different sites


We all know that it is now quite easy to incorporate video or other media content into an article or website. Besides this, some social media sites like Facebook and Instagram allow users to incorporate media content; however, it is not supported on Snapchat. Well, this is pretty annoying, specifically when a user wishes to share Snaps. As part of a recent development, Snapchat now supports embedding content.

At times, most of us want to bring attention to a specific Snapchat post. In an effort to engage the audience, most of us desire to incorporate Snapchat content into our websites and articles. It was impossible in the past but now it is possible. The company shared the recent development in its announcement post. Moreover, the company has shared the guidelines on how to embed Snapchat content.

How to embed Snapchat content?

Spotlight videos, public Stores, and Public Profiles can be embedded on different sites. Now, Snapchat content can be inserted into both versions of the app, i.e., the web and mobile versions. In order to embed content from a website, copy the link to the selected content and embed it on the site. Like the web version, the mobile version also operates similarly. Click on the embed option of a post, copy the code to the clipboard, and paste it to the preferred location. Update your app to the latest version in order to get the new feature. If the feature doesn’t appear, then wait since, reportedly, it will be available anytime soon.

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