Smog in Lahore Worsening on a Per Day Basis


On Sunday, the Air Quality Index of the city appeared to be unhealthy amid the prediction of a massive surge in the smog with a continuous drop in the temperatures and a surge in the twenty-four-seven operations of the brick kilns in the rural and suburb parts of the neighboring nation.

As reported, “The AQI status of Town Hall has been recorded at 207. And it is a moderate one, but will be unsatisfactory if it touches 300,”

According to a daily report / reading updated by IQAir at 9 pm, the city had the worst AQIs at various spots. These include 404 taken at HAC Agri point, followed by 367 (Sundar Industrial Estate), 267 (Empress Road), and 259 (Yateem Khana). Similarly, various other spots also showed the city’s AQI as 244, 211, 210, 206, 198, and 192.

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Though the official does not see the situation as much problematic, he anticipated that it would rise with more stubble-burning in the suburbs since the growers are busy harvesting the rice crop.

He said that in the span of the next 15 days (till Nov 10), it will rise a lot due to stubble burning in the areas and the neighboring nation along with the operation of bricks kilns. So the smog situation would attain its peak by Nov 10.

He said the department, in a bid to reduce smog, had also issued a notification to ban the 7,523 brick kilns in Punjab from Nov 7 to Dec 31. Furthermore, the brick kilns, which are yet to be shifted to zigzag technology from the traditional methods, would not be allowed to operate after Dec 31.

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