Smartphones Can Fully Charge In Just Five Minutes: StoreDot Technology

The reason we still miss our Nokia phones is because the battery remained charged for hours. Now with new and better looking smartphones in town, the battery issue has remained stagnant. Battery of the smartphones drains in couple of hours and take another couple of hours to get fully charged. So here is the news for all phone lovers craving for better battery smartphones: Smartphones are coming up with batteries that can get fully charged in just five minutes. They will be available to you in the upcoming year.

This latest technology is developed by StoreDot which is an Israeli Start-up company. It was displayed in 2015 at CES tech show and we are hoping that it will start its production in 2018.

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Battery is charged through an electrical process as the ions transfer from an anode to a cathode. According to Doron Myersdorf, Chief executive of StoreDot, Storedot has come with a technology that enables ions to transfer at a very rapid pace. He also confirmed that their battery would charge any smartphone in just five minutes. Also, he added that work is being done on it, it was in pilot production and massive production would begin in first half of 2018.

A technology analyst, Ben Wood has been critical about this technology; he feels that the product to release in upcoming year is a bit far fetched. Though he too acknowledges that once this product is out, and it works the way the company claims it would be a huge achievement.

Image via: Digital trends