Smartphone Malware Targeting Pak Military, Govt Officials


It is claimed by a security firm that fake smartphone apps loaded with malware are targeting Military and govt officials in Pakistan. Canadian company Blackberry identified that a new spying campaign is trying to steal sensitive data from mobile phones.

Blackberry says that it does not know who is responsible for the campaigns, however, it might involve state-sponsored hacking groups.

One of the fake apps promised news related to Kashmir. Then another fake app mimicked a pornography website. There were others that mimicked a dating chat service, and a disaster relief organization, the Ansar Foundation.

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These apps used email, social media, and WhatsApp to spread.

The company’s Brian Robison said, “I don’t think we saw examples where they were targeting specific individuals. It was more of a broad stroke.”

The report by Blackberry has also identified other smartphone malware campaigns that are going on globally. In those campaigns, the hackers seem to be acting in Chinese, Iranian, Vietnamese and North Korean governments’ interests.

“We put a lot of trust in the public app stores to try to keep us safe,” Robinson said.

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