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Smartphone Exports Drop 16percent in China in June; Govt. Data

Smartphone Exports

The smartphone exports have dropped 16percent in the month of June in China as compared with a year earlier, as per the data released by the government.

The numbers indicated that the smartphone demand in China remains affected despite the nation’s recovery from the epidemic of coronavirus.

The phone manufacturers shipped 27.7 million handsets in the month of June, which was a drop from 32.7 million in the month of June in 2019, as per the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), which is a government-supported think tank.

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It has followed the same kind of decrease in May, when the shipments dropped more than 10 percent on an annual basis, from 36.4 million last year in May to 32.6 million this year.

Back in the month of April, after a drop in the earlier months owing to the health crisis, CAICT reported that the shipments of the smartphones increased 17 percent on a per-year basis.

China is one of the few nations where the retail outlets have reopened nearly completely after a lockdown period as the coronavirus pandemic spread.

Apple and its competing smartphone brands do not share their regional shipments publicly.

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