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Smart Traffic Signal System to be launched in Islamabad

In order to improve, better manage and monitor traffic in Islamabad, the Islamabad Traffic Police is working on smart traffic management. Islamabad Traffic Police is working to install a smart signal system at the Kashmir Highway. These smart signals will replace the traditional traffic signals. In order to carry out the process, they have invited bids.

The smart system will be installed at G-7 to G-11 Kashmir Highway signals including the Kashmir Highway junction at the 7th Avenue, G-9, G-10, H-11, and G-11, in the first phase. These new signals have optical sensors. The timings of the lights will change as per the traffic volume.

With the help of the sensors, these signals will change the timing automatically after the traffic volume is processed. This will ultimately lead to a decline in controlling the traffic manually. It will help thousands of people using the highway.

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Multiple steps have been taken by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for ensuring a smooth traffic flow. This includes a smart signal project as well to revamp and broaden the road infrastructure.

CDA issued tenders for the project following meeting the codal formalities. The project will be conducted within a month and it will cost Rs. 2.48 million, as per the reports.

Kashmir Highway will have the new signals in the first phase and then in further stages, all other major thoroughfares will have the new signals.

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