Get a Smart Home Device in Exchange for Your Old Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Samsung is bringing a new offer – bring your old Galaxy phones and get a smart home device.


Samsung is making yet another remarkable offer – bring your old Galaxy phones and get a smart home device.

This isn’t the first time Samsung is offering such a deal. Previously, the company also offered an exchange offer for the Galaxy A32. Then it also made its fans happy by reducing prices in a few countries. Though, this new offer beats these two offers.

In January, Samsung announced its Galaxy Upcycling at Home program where it would provide a software update for the phones to enable them to work as IoT devices. This update is for users in the UK, South Korea, and the US.

According to SamMobile, “these simple IoT devices provide enhanced sound and light control features by utilizing the smartphones’ built-in sensors. Users can access these features through SmartThings Labs via the SmartThings app.”

These upgraded devices will be able to distinguish sounds through an improved AI solution. For example, the device will send an alert to the user’s phone when it picks up the sound of a baby crying or a dog barking.

Similarly, the device’s light sensor will be used to measure the brightness level of the room. Users can control the lights through SmartThings if the room becomes darker.

Since these new features require more powerful batteries, Samsung has added battery-optimizing solutions to reduce battery usage.

This Galaxy Upcycling at Home feature by Samsung is available on all Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Z models released from 2018, running Android 9 and above. The company will add support for more devices later on.

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