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Smart Bike Light- Step Towards Development Of Smart Cities

Ireland’s Queen University and See.Sense have come up with a new advancement in the field of technology. Smart bike light is a fresh development by their collaboration.

What is Smart Bike Light?

The smart bike light has the ability to analyze the road biker is driving on. If the road has any issues or needs fixing, the smart bike light can send warning signals to the appropriate people and authorities.

Not just this, if the biker falls down or an incident occurs to him, the light can immediately call an emergency contact for you. The light is phone connected that make it unique and advance.

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It is a hope by Queen’s University that from Smart Bike Light we move forward to build smart cities as well. The smart bike paves the way for it.

Other features of Smart Bike Light:

  • Recognize hotspots
  • Identify areas where biker should be extra cautious
  • Create safer roads by identifying the ones that need to be fixed
  • Allow cities to make use of their resources effectively and in right places


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