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Small Plane Crashes in Rawalpindi

plane crash

A small plane crashed in Rawalpindi. At least 18 people lost their lives in the unfortunate incident and 12 others were injured.

As per Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR) on Tuesday an Army Aviation plane crashed near Rawalpindi.

As per the ISPR, the plane was on its regular routine flight when it crashed near Rabi Plaza within the limits of Rawat police station. 2 pilots and 3 crew members of the plane are among the martyred.

Lt Col Saqib, Lt Col Wasim, Naib Subedar Afzal, Hawaldar Ibne Amin, and Rahmat are the army personnel who died in the plane crash.

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Fire brigade and rescue teams arrived at the spot following the crash and started the rescue operation. The injured were then moved to the Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi.

As per the rescue sources, three houses were crushed after the plane crash while five other houses were immersed in fire. According to the rescue sources, 12 civilians died and 12 others got injured in the plane crash.

The Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi visited the DHQ Rawalpindi and asked regarding the health status of the ones who got injured in the plane crash.

He instructed the concerned medical personnel to give the best medical treatment to the injured.

Emergency has been declared in all the hospitals.

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