Sleeping Properly is Essential During Ramazan, As Per Experts

In Ramazan Muslims across the world changes their lifestyle and habits. Health experts advise that the people should be cautious regarding their sleeping and eating patterns management for avoiding fatigue.

Doctor Yasir Ikram while conversing on a private channel said that it is important to remember that the body is accustomed to a specific routine and fasting brings a sudden change to the sleep patterns and diet that could have both social and health impacts.

It should be ensured that one should get the same amount of sleep in a day as before during the holy month. Usually, people sleep for like seven to eight hours in a go at night time, but during Ramazan, this is clearly not possible. Doctors advise to make up for this lost night-time sleep.

He said that people stay up till late at night and takes a nap in the afternoon, however, the cardiologists are of the opinion that the change in the sleeping pattern could cause low energy.

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He added that if one goes to sleep around 11 pm one would be able to sleep more before getting up around 3 am for the Sehri meal. Then a sleep of two more hours before one leaves for work along with the afternoon nap before iftar time.

Doctors also warned people not to overeat as that could lead to health problems, especially among those who do not exercise.

If energy levels are low during the working hours, then taking a power nap would be good. Try not to sleep more than twenty minutes as after that the body enters the deep sleep mode and waking during the deep sleep mode would make one feel more tired and low.

He added that it is essential to keep the human body fuelled with food, drink and a good amount of sleep. Bodies respond to all that they receive.

Lack of sleep could also affect on the body hormones which controls the appetite. Sleep deprivation increases appetite making fasting more tedious.

The doctor added that sleep environment should be quiet and dark. Use of earplugs and eye masks could work like magic for getting and keeping the person in deep sleep.

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