‘Sleep Sounder Bus’ offers Sleeping Compounds for Travelers travelling from Quetta to Karachi

A Sleep Sounder Bus has been introduced by a company in Karachi, Al-Munir’. A bed will be offered in the bus for the travelers to stretch their legs, lie down and even sleep. So instead of the normal bus seats, more convenient and comfortable seats will be offered to the passengers.

Now coming to the ticket price of the Al-Munir Super International Sleep Sounder Bus service, Rs 3000 will be charged per person. The refreshment will also be offered but what will be in the refreshment has not been specified yet. Also along with a bed shaped seat, each seat has its own dedicated smart entertainment system. It allows the passengers to chose the programs they want to watch.

On 1st January 2019, that is from today the bus service will officially launch. Those who want to look out for the timings and booking details should contact Al-Munir.

Here the pictures of the newly launched Sleep Sounder Bus

These days the competition in the inter-city travelling via buses is getting stronger. More and more bus services are launching offering different services and options to the travelers. From economy to business to luxury travel with various ticking options and refreshments, customers have a lot of options to chose from.

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