Sleep apnea detection on the Samsung Galaxy Watch has received FDA certification

samsung galaxy watch

Galaxy Watch users in the United States can now access another health feature approved by the FDA. Reportedly, the sleep apnea detection feature was recently approved by the FDA for the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Samsung is the first company to receive approval for this feature in the US. In October 2023, the company received approval for this feature in its hometown.

A chronic condition that disables a person’s ability to breathe while sleeping is termed sleep apnea, which leads to poor sleep quality. As a result, the disease can cause heart issues. This illness is quite common, but it goes undiagnosed. There is no information on what type of method has been used for the detection of sleep apnea by the company. The Galaxy Watch, on the other hand, accompanies the necessary sensors for measuring the factors related to sleep apnea. The sensors relevant to measuring blood oxygen levels and heart rate are part of the Galaxy Watch.

In order to collect enough data, users must wear the watch for at least two nights within a ten-day timeframe while sleeping. The results will be available on the Samsung Health Monitor app. It’s also crucial to remember that this feature is limited to people over 22 who have not yet received a sleep apnea diagnosis. It is a useful addition to the Galaxy Watch’s array of health monitoring functions. Although it is not a replacement for a medical diagnosis, early detection of sleep apnea may save lives.

Reportedly, Apple is also working on the development of this feature for its smartwatches. It might face delays and troubles given the current legal dispute with Masimo regarding the SpO2 sensor. Later this year, the feature will be rolled out to Galaxy Watch users in the United States. Perhaps it will be introduced to the recent models, including the Galaxy Watch 5 and 6 series.

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