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Skype call recording feature is now available on iPhone Android and Desktop

Skype call recording feature

In July, Microsoft announced a new feature enabling users to record calls on Skype, Microsoft confirmed in a blog post that it was working on a new call recording feature, which would be made available soon to the users.

The Skype Call Recording Feature is now available on all the platforms including iPhone iOS, Android, and Desktop. However, the features is still not available on Windows 10 which is coming soon in the following weeks on the platform said, Skype team.

However, you may not be able to use the feature on the older version of Skype, you need to download the latest Skype version to get hands on this feature, except Windows 10 which is scheduled to later release in the weeks ahead.

The Skype Call Recording Feature is cloud-based, as soon as the users start recording the call the other user or users in a conference call gets notified. If you are running a video call Skype will record video along with the screen shares during the call.

It is important to mention here that users will have two options to save their recording locally or on the cloud, but the recording saved on the cloud gets automatically deleted after 30 days, so the best option is to save the file on your local hard drive if the call is important for later reference.

You can simply tap the menu button at the bottom of the screen and select the option from the menu to “Start Recording” similar approach can be taken to record the calls on mobiles.

When the system starts recording a banner would be displayed on the top of the window alerting everyone in the call that recording has been started. Once the call is ended, the recording will appear on the chat where it will stay for 30 days. All the users who joined the call would be able to download the recording and save it on their local storage from chats.

You can use the same menu where you will see the option to download the recording and save it in MP4 file format on your local storage.

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