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Six Special Flights will be Arriving in Pakistan Today

The special flight operation continues and it will be bringing 1,390 more Pakistanis back to their homes today (Thursday).

After special permission given by the Civil Aviation Authority, 6 relief flights carrying in total 1,390 passengers will be landing at different airports of the country.

The first flight will be landing in Islamabad which is an Emirates Air flight carrying 250 passengers. Another aircraft of the same airlines will land in Karachi with 250 passengers at 6:00 pm.

The Third flight of Pakistan International Airlines will take off from Dubai carrying in it 250 passengers will land in Lahore. Another PIA flight will land in Faisalabad bringing 140 Pakistanis from overseas.

An aircraft of Qatar airways will also return from Doha bringing back 250 passengers, it will be landing in Multan. One more flight will be landing in Peshawar which is returning from Qatar’s capital.

A new flight schedule has been released out by the Pakistan International Airlines according to which more special flights will be operated in order to bring back the rest of the stranded Pakistanis from the overseas.

Between May 6 -14, PIA will be operating 4 flights. The first flight will take off for Netherland Amsterdam and later on, it will land in Islamabad.

Another flight will depart for Frankfurt, Germany on the 8th of May and will land in Islamabad.

On 11th May, the third flight will take off for Oslo Norway’s capital. It will also land back in Islamabad.

The last flight as per the schedule will be sent to Paris on May 14th.

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